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Design A Mug

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Design a Mug Contest – 

Design a mug – it can be a saying, artwork, whatever. 

Then, submit your drawing on our website. 

Our staff will vote on the best design and then we'll announce the winner on our Facebook page.   


Drawings are due:  July 28th.


The winner receives a $25 Gift Card and
we will create a limited number of coffee mugs
with the winning image for purchase at our store. 


1)  Printable Area Size is 8.46" x 3.15"
The image should be in full color and able to wrap around an 11-oz. white ceramic coffee mug almost from handle to handle.
2)  The design must be provided in a digital format. We accept JPEG and TIFF 300 dpi or higher. Hi-res vector art in CMYK is ideal. The artwork can be created in any medium you want, even a painting or drawing, but it will need to be scanned at a high resolution to be converted into a digital format and fit the same printing space given above.
3)  A caption “designed for James Gang Coffehouse by (your name) 2021 must be included. It can run along an edge of the artwork (within the printing space) or be incorporated into the design.
4) The design must be created exclusively for James Gang Coffehouse. The artist gives James Gang Coffehouse the unlimited rights to reproduce and/or display the image on mugs, website and any other promotional materials. The image will become the property of James Gang Coffehouse, and as such, James Gang Coffehouse has the right to request files from the designer. James Gang Coffehouse will retain the original art for their permanent collection. The artist will not receive cash payment for the work other than the gift certificate.
5)  All submissions must be in by the deadline: Wednesday, July 28 2021
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Thanks for submitting!

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