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St. Olaf College Delivery

Welcome Back!  We have had several requests to offer delivery to St. Olaf College so you can get your coffee, iced drinks, breakfast, paninis , salads and more right to your building.  We are doing our best to provide a solution.  
As of 8.31.20,  James Gang Coffeehouse will be providing Campus Delivery Times at 4 different times.
They will be:  9:00 AM -  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Subject to change. 
You can submit your order online (see below) and orders need to be submitted30 minutes PRIOR to the delivery time or it will be added to the next delivery time.   You can easily order online on our website.  Just make sure to select "Delivery" and follow the instructions below.
1.  Make sure your hall name is on the order
2.  Make sure your have a correct phone number on the order
3.  We will call the number when we arrive and we will meet you at the front door ASAP.  If you do not answer, we will assume you want contactless delivery and we will leave it at the front door.
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